Simon Cowell Wants Miley Cyrus on X Factor

After the news of Demi Lovato’s exit from the X Factor, Simon Cowell is wasting no time looking for replacements.   His first choice?  None other than Miley Cyrus.  Let’s face it folks.  Cyrus would be the perfect draw.  Cowell is a shrewd and very smart business man.  He knows that Cyrus is probably the biggest music star in the world right now.

Question is.  What are the dollar signs going to look like?  Considering how much people like J-Lo got for American Idol, the kind of draw Cyrus would bring might actually command a $20MM yearly salary.   Then again, we have absolutely no clue if Cyrus would even be interested in the job.

Nevertheless seeing Cyrus and Cowell banter it up on that show would be entertaining to say the least.

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