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Simon Cowell Will Be There for the Birth of his Child

It’s been a crazy ride for Simon Cowell these last couple of months. He’s going to be a father as we all know. And he’s going to be a father to a child he is having with Lauren Silverman, a woman who was married (keyword was) to one of Simon’s friends.

There’s been a ton of speculation as to what kind of father Cowell will be since A. he’s over 50 years old and B. he’s been quoted in the past as saying he could never be a father. However his tune seems to have changed a lot in the last couple of months.

Cowell seems to be embracing the idea of fatherhood and the latest news is that Cowell will miss the launch of the X Factor musical to be by Lauren Silverman’s side in the delivery room. Well that’s definitely a step in the right direction Simon. Hopefully you’ll get the diaper changing thing down quick!

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