So Wait, Now Justin Bieber Isn’t Retiring?

Justin Bieber Performs In Berlin

Seems like this dude is having some fun playing around with people right now. Who am I talking about? Justin Bieber, of course. Last week, he came out and said that he was retiring from music. He tweeted it and said some follow up things about it, and he seemed to be very serious about it. Now Justin Bieber isn’t retiring, as he just released a new statement. So what is it, dude? Justin Bieber IS retiring, or Justin Bieber ISN’T retiring? We demand answers.

Well, if you were hoping it was true, too bad. Seems US WEEKLY came out with an article, claiming it was all a joke. That Justin Bieber isn’t retiring.

Listen, wanting to joke around with people and play hoaxes is fine, but there comes a point when it can seem like someone is messing with his fans just to mess with his fans. To us, that is just what 2013 has seemed like for Bieber.

People are saying he did it to make a point, while others claimed he did it to get hype for his  movie which dropped Christmas day. Our thing is this. Cry wolf enough times and have it not be real, the first time you cry wolf and it is real, yet no one is listening, what will he do then? The worst thing an artist can do is have no credibility.

That out of the way, the kid is a billionaire and can do what he wants, smart or not.

(Photo by Adam Berry/Redferns via Getty Images)

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