Sofia Vergara Calls Off Her Wedding to Fiance Nick Loeb

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Gorgeous Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara has called off her marriage to fiance Nick Loeb after a dramatic falling-out during a star-studded party last weekend. The pair have been dating for three years, but it’s been anything but a smooth three years. Apparently, Vergara wants to get out before it’s too late. Sofia, 41, and Loeb, 38, became engaged on Sofia’s 40th birthday party last year during a trip to Mayan Archaeological ruins in Mexico.

What drove the couple to break up? Well, Vergara has apparently been dealing with Loeb’s wandering eye. She’s dealt with cheating rumors in the past, but they surfaced again most recently. According to a source close to the situation,

“They have split up before because of rumors of him cheating and she had heard from a close friend that he had cheated again. She’s not prepared to put up with it anymore.”

There reports allege that Vergara was getting fiesty with Loeb during the party in the Hamptons as she noticed his eye wandering around the room. While we’re convinced that Loeb may be up to no good, the reports also indicate that Vergara is no angel. Apparently, she’s even more tenacious than her character on Modern Family. The relationship has been riddled with arguments and fights and it appears as if it may be in the best interest of both parties to go separate ways.

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