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Sofia Vergara’s New Year’s Eve Fight Ends in Defeat…But Not For Every Guy There

Sofia Vergara’s strapless gown lost a New Year’s Eve fight, but every guy in the party won when she had what the experts call a “wardrobe malfunction” AKA a Janet Jackson Superbowl moment.   Her dress became a casualty in the middle of the scuffle. Sofia and her fiance Nick Loeb were partying inside the Miami nightclub Story when the pushing and shoving started, reportedly with some people at a table next to theirs.

For some reason when I picture this fight I can’t help picture Vergara being exactly like her character on Modern Family.  Only I don’t think Gloria would lose any fight, let alone one with another woman.   It’s a shame that the fight wasn’t actually Vergara’s.  Turns out she was being peacemaker.

I’d make peace with her maker…whatever that means.

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