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Soul Cleanse? Justin Bieber is Looking to Get Baptized in New York

Justin Bieber Appears At A Police Station In Connection With An Alleged Criminal Assault

Justin Bieber is looking to cleanse his soul of all his wrong-doing this past year. The answer – get baptized? According to reports, The Biebs is looking for locations in New York with a private pool to conduct a cleansing ritual with the Hillsong Church. Sources close to Bieber have confirmed he is looking to get baptized again. There is no scheduled date for the event, but it seems like it’s a full-go.

Biebs has attended sermons at the Hillsong Church before. So this is supposed to redeem the troubled pop star from all his troubles this past year? I don’t think it’s that easy. You don’t just find Jesus that quickly and wash your troubles away. This kid still has so much to learn.

Image via Jag Gundu/Getty Images

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