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Stuart Scott Gives an Amazing Speech at the ESPYs

It is impossible to imagine ESPN without Stuart Scott. His presence has been integral on the network for so long, that you just always associate one with the other other. For that reason alone, it is always good when one of the “littler guys” gets recognized. What we mean is, he may not be one of the athletes the network focuses on, but they would be lost without him. Seems they know that, as he recently got an ESPY. But that speech was…..wow.

For the few people out there who do not know, Stuart Scott is and has been battling Cancer for some time. If you don’t know it, that’s because he does a damn good job of being amazing at what he does and hiding that fact. You would never know it by looking at him. Seems he took some time to finally discuss it openly with people while accepting his ESPY. It hits especially hard at the end when he brings his two daughters on stage with him and says he would never stop fighting, CAN’T, because of them. “you are my heartbeat” he tells them. “I am standing on this stage because of you.” Good luck not shedding a few tears.

We already like this guy a lot and were already cheering him on. Now, even more so.

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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