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Suri Cruise Reunited With Her Lost Dog

Suri Cruise has had a rough week. The 8-year-old daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise recently adopted a new puppy, but he managed to escape the yard of a friend while he was swimming and hasn’t been seen since. Fortunately, it seems that the puppy is back in his new “mommy’s” arms thanks to the Lucky Puppy Rescue and Retail.

Suri was playing with her pup in the pool of a Los Angeles-area friend last Sunday when the dog escaped from the yard. Because the puppy was in the pool, she’d had her collar removed and wasn’t wearing it when she went missing. Suri was devastated, as any child would be when their dog is lost. After three days it looked as if her puppy was missing for good. It didn’t help that the area in which Honey the puppy went missing is one that frequently has coyote sightings.

Lucky Puppy, a not-for-profit store that specializes in finding lost dogs, decided to post a Facebook photo of Cruise’s puppy online with a vet that’s affiliated with the store. The vet scanned the microchip of a puppy that had been brought into the office that looked like Honey (once known by the name Maple) and realized that this was the dog that was missing from the Cruise/Holmes household. How the reunion went down is a mystery, but it was good news for little Suri Cruise. After three days of wondering where her new dog went, she was reunited with the pup and all is well.

The dog is reportedly fine. How she was found and how she ended up safe and without any injuries is information that has not been released to the media. However, this story does serve as an important reminder for all pet owners to get their animals chipped in case of an emergency such as this one.

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

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