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Susan Saradon Admits to Short Relationship with Rock Star


Susan Sarandon is a longtime actress with a myriad of awesome movies under her belt, and she’s a favorite of many. Despite the fact that she’s typically a very private woman, she’s always bold in answering questions, whether she answers them honestly or tells interviewers she’s not going there. The actress recently revealed a very personal tidbit of information about her past, however, that left her fans a little bit shocked – to say the least.

The Thelma and Louise star admitted in an interview that she once engaged in a relationship with rock icon David Bowie. The two costarred in a film together in 1983, The Hunger, and fell for one another on set. While their relationship didn’t last long (Saradon quickly met Tim Robbins and began a 23-year relationship with him and Bowie’s been married to supermodel Iman for decades), Saradon did admit that the short-lived relationship was pretty interesting and that she admires the rocker immensely.

“He’s worth idolizing. He’s extraordinary. That was a really interesting period,” the 67-year-old actress says of Bowie. She met the rock star right after divorcing her first husband and just before beginning a 23-year-relationship with Tim Robbins, and she’s forthright in saying she wasn’t looking for anything long-lasting or special with the  rockstar, only that he’s a great guy and she had an interesting time with him. In the interview in which she admits to her affair with Bowie, she also admits to having a short-term relationship with another famous face in Hollywood, but she declines to answer when asked with whom that relationship might be. She goes on to say that while she has had some short flings in her time, most of her relationships have been very long and committed relationships in which she’s invested years.

“I’m pretty much a nester and tend to be monogamous,” she says.

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