Tallulah Willis Feels Like Herself Again


Even the most famous celebrities and their children have to deal with real-life issues that affect so many people.Tallulah Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, is no exception. The 20-year-old fashion blogger decided to say goodbye to the world about six weeks ago to enter rehab for a reason unknown at the time, and as of yesterday, she’s out.

It’s now known that one of the many reasons she was seeking help was because of an eating disorder, something that affects millions of young girls. Willis has resumed Tweeting and posting photos to Instagram after a month-and-a-half in rehab, and she’s looking to help other girls her own age and younger learn from her mistakes and not allow their lives to spiral so far out of control in terms of how they look and what they feel about themselves.

“I viewed super-skinny me as smart, intelligent. I was able to have the physical transformation so everyone could see me differently,” she said of the fact that she starved herself until she was a mind-boggling 95 pounds. Rumors swirled from many sources that her issues with herself result from her parents’ divorce in 2000 and her mother’s hospitalization in 2012.

“For the first time, I feel like myself on the inside,” said the youngest daughter of Bruce and Demi. She posted a video on her blog talking about how good she feels and teasing about more to come next week. No one in the Willis/Moore camp has spoken out about Tallulah’s trip home, but it’s certainly a happy moment for the family to see their daughter and sister feeling better and getting the help she needs to get her life back in order. Here’s hoping she’s able to put a positive spin on her circumstance and help other girls with the same issues.

(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

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