Tanner Tolbert: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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If you are watching this season of Marriage Boot Camp, chances are you know who Tanner Tolbert is. If you have never heard of Marriage Boot Camp, it is based on the non-profit seminar Marriage Boot Camp, which gives couples one last chance to save their marriage before they file for divorce. The first two seasons of Marriage Boot Camp had former couples from the show, Bridezillas on the show. They all went into the house to save their marriage bond. Seasons 3 through 8 all had former reality show cast members. Season 8 stars Tanner Tolbert and his wife Jade Roper, who he met on Bachelor in Paradise. If you don’t know much about Tanner, read on.

Tanner’s Early Life Before Reality Television

Tanner was born on May 2, 1987 in Kansas City, Missouri. In 2010, he graduated from the University of Kansas. He earned a degree in Sports Management. After graduation, Tanner stared working for car dealerships in the finance department. His first job was in May 2010 at his father’s dealership, Steve Tolbert Suzuki. In December 2011, he moved onto McCarthy Auto Group, where he was the Internet Sales Manager. In May 2013, he stared working at Legends Honda where he was a Finance Manager, and in January 2016, he was promoted to the General Sales Manager.

Tanner’s Time on The Bachelorette

Tanner first appeared on television during the 11th season of The Bachelorette. He was trying to win, Kaitlyn Bristowe’s heart. Unfortunately, he only made it through half of the season, and he was eliminated during week 6 . Many people believe that he was eliminated because he didn’t really do anything to stand out and get Kaitlyn to notice him.

Tanner Is Into Football

Tanner loved playing football growing up. When he got older, he turned his love of the game into a part-time career. From January 2006 through May 2010, he worked as an assistant to the Defense Coordinator for the University of Kansas football team.

He Posts On Instagram For Money

According to Tanner, since he is going to be posting on Instagram anyway, he may as well get paid for it. Since his fame on The Bachelor and The Bachelor in Paradise, companies has been approaching him to advertise their products on Instagram. He does this with his wife, Jade, and it has been very lucrative.

He Plays Pokemon Go

Ever since the release of the Smartphone app, Pokemon Go, half of the world has been playing. Tanner is no exception. He and his wife Jade go out hunting for Pokemon and they post photos of their latest catches on Instagram. According to Tanner, it is a great way to spend time together and also be active. He says that it beats sitting in the house watching television.

Tanner’s Wedding

Tanner may not have found love on The Bachelorette, however, he did find love on The Bachelor in Paradise, where he met Jade Roper. Tanner and Jade’s wedding was filmed as part of an ABC special to honor the 20 seasons of The Bachelor. The couple was married on Valentine’s Day. According to Tanner, the BTB Event Production company helped to create the perfect romantic outdoor ceremony. His bride walked down the aisle in a custom Galia Lahav gown. Tanner said that he had one condition when it came to Jade’s dress. He just wanted it to be sleeveless. During the ceremony, he said that it took everything that he had in him not to cry. He says that he and Jade didn’t leave the reception until 3am and he had the time of his life.

Tanner’s Real Reality Friends

Many people believe that the friends that are made on reality television are about as real as the drama on the show. This isn’t always the case. The friends that Tanner made on the show was not just for television. He is remained friends with many of the men on the show, and three of them stood up at his wedding. He says that he and Jade still keep in touch with many of their friends from The Bachelor in Paradise.

He Plays Fantasy Football

Tanner always loved football. As mentioned above, he even helped coach a team. Today, he is really into fantasy football. He looks forward to football season all year long and he hates to see it end. During an interview, Tanner said that fantasy football draft day feels like Christmas morning to him. He says that he really gets into it and he is very thankful that Jade doesn’t really mind.

Are Their Problems on Marriage Boot Camp Real?

There are some people who believe that Tanner and Jade really do believe that they can use some help to strengthen their marriage. Anyone who has seen the show would know that there could be problems. According to Tanner, he doesn’t like the fact that Jade is so inactive. He went as far as to call her a lethargic slob. According to both Jade and Tanner, they are questioning their decision to get married. There are other people who believe that they’re agreeing to appear on the show is strictly for the publicity. Jade is going to be releasing a book soon, and getting back on television is a good way to get her name back on people’s minds. Also, as mentioned above, the couple gets paid for their Instagram posts. If they start fading from the public’s memory, their Instagram endorsements could go away as well. Finally, the couple has been married less than a year and they are building their dream house together. That doesn’t really spell trouble.

Tanner Tolbert Net Worth

According to the most recent report, Tanner has a net worth of $360,000.

If this isn’t enough information for you, Tanner and Jade are on the most recent episode of Marriage Boot Camp. If you want to know more about Tanner than you already have, you can catch him on the ABC reality television show. If worse came to worse, you could always go down to his dealership and let him sell you a car.

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