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Taye Diggs is the Man as he Thwarts a Home Invasion by Himself

Taye Diggs was at his home last night when a man broke into his home shortly after 11:00 PM. We’re told Diggs, who was at the SAG Awards earlier in the evening confronted the suspect, who then took off running. According to TMZ, Diggs then actually chased after the guy and eventually caught up to him. Diggs held the man (who we’re told was around 20) until cops arrived.

Well it’s official.  Taye Diggs is the coolest guy in Hollywood. I’m a guy and I can’t help but fawn over how handsome this dude is.  Now he’s chasing robbers away and grabbing them until the cops come?  Aside from being really really short I’m pretty sure Taye Diggs is my favorite person on earth.


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