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Taylor Swift Cancels Bangkok Show, But Why?

Nothing is worse than getting ready to see a show you already bought tickets to, only to find out the performers has canceled it. Well, there are many worse feelings, but that feeling is pretty bad, too. That is exactly how some Taylor Swift fans are feeling in Bangkok over the past weekend. Of course, all they needed to do was turn on their news or look out their windows to know the reason. She was not cancelling because of weather or illness. She cancelled the show because the country had just come under military rule, and it would not be a good time for her to be there, safety wise.

So for those out the loop, Bangkok’s government was overthrown by its people on Thursday, and then put under military rule. For those still confused about what all that means. Well, the people were upset with the government so they overthrew it. This caused the country to send in military aid to try and put the whole thing under control. As you can imagine, that is not an easy thing to do. So Taylor Swift decided to cancel her weekend show there so as to avoid being shot down, shot at, and any other variations thereof.

Sorry, but dancing along to We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together is hard to pull of during a military coup. We think she made the right choice on this one.

(Photo by Sandra Mu/Getty Images)

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