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Taylor Swift Fan Gets a Little Too Close On Stage in London

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What we sometimes forget is pop stars lead a kind of dangerous life. Truth is, the threat from stalkers and weird fans can be very real and very dangerous. Stars like John Lennon stand as a testimonial to that. So imagine the fear when a crazed fan leapt onto the stage during a Taylor Swift concert and dashed at the star? Thankfully, it turned out okay.

Taylor Swift was playing the O2 arena in London, when a man jumped from his seat and dashed on stage at her with something in his hand. The proper authorities acted quickly, but it was only a letter. Maybe a love note? Truth is, t herself handled it like a real champ. She reached out and shook the man’s hand as he was being pulled away, and like a true pop star, didn’t miss one note of the song she was singing.

I bet you’re curious what song she was singing when the fan rushed the stage? It was none other than her massive 2013 hit, We Are Never (Ever Ever) Getting Back Together. Seems for one brief moment, one Taylor Swift fan had something else in mind. Thankfully, we will never get to know what that is. Oh, and we can’t help but wonder what that note said.

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

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