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Taylor Swift Tells Selena Gomez to Stay away from Justin Bieber

This all according to Perez Hilton, a valid source says,

“Taylor would rather Selena break everything off with Justin and believes that will happen in the very near future. Taylor isn’t a Justin fan at all. Taylor is very spiritual and superstitious and believes in the saying, ‘It takes half the time of a relationship you had with someone to get over the relationship you had with that person. If Taylor can speed things up a little bit by being there for Selena and showing her the fun she can have, then she will gladly do it,” the source reveals.

OK, let’s knock Taylor Swift out of the picture and add our own opinion.  Or at least I’m gonna add mine.  I don’t know Selena Gomez from a hole in the wall but I can tell you this.  She is easily one of the most gorgeous young starlets out there. 

I for one think she’s WAY beyond a Justin Bieber and this is simply in the looks department.  I guess if we’re going by Facebook likes then yeah, Gomez should stick with Bieber.

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  • jelena4eva

    Taylor swift cant say anything because she can barely keep her relationships without writing a song about them