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Taylor Swift Tops Billboard’s 2014 Money Maker’s List

Somehow, she is still doing it. Even though the awards and accolades have slowed down some, seems the fans haven’t. Taylor Swift tops Billboards 2014 money maker’s list yet again. Here’s the thing. You corner a area of the market, and you corner it right, you are are set for life. Allow me to explain. Swift’s whole deal is that she speaks for those who have been wronged or hurt by men. She aims for a teenage market in doing so. Do you realize what this means? There will ALWAYS be sad teenage girls who think boys are the root of all their problems, and for that reason, she will ALWAYS have a market. Those numbers prove it.

Truth is, it is a brilliant way to go. As cunning a business move as anyone has ever made. She has made herself the unofficial mouthpiece for all hurt and jaded teen women, and it works really well for her. But I need to be the voice of reason here. She still looks and acts young, which helps get that teenage demographic. What about when she is 30 years old and still singing this type of stuff?  Is it going to work then?  Only time will tell.

We just know that whatever formula she learned is working quite well for her now.  However, she’s definitely going to have evolve a little bit to stay relevant as she gets older.

Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for Clear Channel

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