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Taylor Swift’s Advisers Say She “Scares” Men Away

Taylor Swift's RED Tour - Berlin, Germany

It’s been a quiet several months for Taylor Swift on the romantic side – and her advisers have a theory as to why that may be the case. There’s no doubting Taylor’s talent. She’s one of the best singer/songwriters in all of music today. Period. She’s a record-breaking artist and she’s also an attractive girl. So what’s the deal advisers?

According to RadarOnline, Taylor Swift’s team has advised her to take a break from dating, which may explain why it’s been radio silent on that front. Why you ask? The report says that Taylor’s people are tired of setting her up on dates only to have her quirky personality scare them away.

“Taylor is almost impossible to find dates for because of the nature of her music, which focuses heavily on heartbreak and ex-boyfriends. None of the guys she shows interest in want to be the subject of a mean song six months down the road or be painted the bad guy, so Taylor’s team want her to take a break from boys.”

The songs are pretty good though aren’t they? Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Harry Styles, Conor Kennedy, John Mayer, and Jake Gyllenhaal might be able to shed some light on the whole scary personality theory. I don’t disagree that Swift needed a break from dating, it was getting brutal (but at least she had song material). Let’s hope the hiatus does her some good and she’s not 30-years old singing the same heartbreak songs from a decade ago.

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