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Taylor Swift’s North American Tour Grossed How Much?

2013 American Music Awards - Arrivals

I like Taylor Swift. I don’t know why and it troubles me. Taylor is an awfully talented, unique artist and has an ability to produce hit song after hit song all while facing increased competition in the industry. Apparently, I’m not the only one who likes Taylor, too. According to Rolling Stone, Taylor’s North American tour pulled in an astounding $110 million. A sign that the concert business is back after a terrible run a couple years ago.

Swift topped everyone from Kenny Chesney to Beyonce when it came to total sales for her concert. Overall ticket sales jumped to a whopping $5.1 billion. Behind Swift was Bon Jovi ($107 M), Kenny Chesney ($91 M), and Beyonce ($76). Other respectable tours included Jay Z and Justin Timberlake and Pink. The Biebs spent much of the year overseas, thus he is not on the North American list.

Congratulations to Taylor, who is pretty much destroying every music record there is. She’s raking in awards left and right as well. Apparently, she’s a workaholic too. Swift did 66 shows this in North America and continued to make appearances, create new music, and appear in every single magazine on the planet. Impressive.

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