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Terrell Owens Weds Postal Worker Rachel Snider in Secret Marriage

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Terrell Owens is back in the game, but not football. According to RadarOnline, T.O. and his fiance Rachel Snider were married yesterday after a very short engagement. The two became husband and wife officially at a Norwalk, California courthouse in front of one eye witness.

Owens, 40, and Snider, 33, both wore blue during the ceremony. At this point, we’re not familiar with T.O.’s situation. One minute he’s bankrupt, the next he’s making the rounds in Hollywood. What we do know is that this is a rather odd marriage for the father of four and notorious deadbeat dad. Snider just confirmed their engagement on January 20th on her Facebook page. That’s last Sunday for those keeping score at home.

Let’s hope this is a successful union and Owens and Snider can live peacefully without issue for the remainder of their days. It is still alarming that Owens has four children by four separate women and has been repeatedly in the news for not making child support payments.

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