Tessanne Chin Wins The Voice Season 5


So last night was The Voice finale. After a grueling season of singers battling it out with their vocal chords, we have a winner. Anyone who watched the show saw this coming, though. The winner was a true powerhouse of talent, and had any one else won, we would have all cried out in rage. But rest assured knowing the right person won. Yup, Tessanne Chin wins the Voice, season five. Like she deserved.

Billboard has all the details about her win, but we’ve been saying it would go this way for awhile now. Tessanne Chin wins because she has the chops, charisma, and talent. Sometimes The Voice picks a winner and we watch it, thinking we will never see the person again. Such is not the case with Tessanne Chin. You can tell her star is rising, and she wont stop until all the world knows her name. Seems with her victory last night she is one step closer to that.

So what happens next for the rising star?

Well, we would suggest she take a couple weeks off and recoup. But knowing anything about her, she will just keep going and going. Like a singing version of the Energizer Bunny.

Congrats on the win, Tessanne. We knew it would be you.

[Photo via Trae Patton/NBC]

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