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The Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian Divorce Trial is Set for May

Kim Kardashian will not be able to shake Kris Humphries out of her life for 3 more months because a judge just set their divorce trial for May 6. Kim’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, had been gunning for a trial next month claiming Kris’ lawyers have abused the legal system by stalling for no good reason. The judge finally laid down the law and set a trial date, but the first available time for the trial is May.

I feel like what’s going to happen is some kind of “countdown.” And God I hope this thing is televised. I mean it’s not going to be and we’re clearly going to be following the trial via the web and all that stuff, but still, I’m psyched to make a spectacle out of this.

Eh whatever. Why do I care?

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