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The Many Changing Looks of Nicolas Cage

As Nicolas Cage celebrates his 50th birthday today it’s hard to imagine how long he’s been around Hollywood. Originally cast as Nicolas Coppola in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, it’s hard to fathom that was literally over 30 years ago. I mean can you even believe that? The fact that he was only 24 when he was in Moonstruck with Cher still blows my mind.

So in order to honor Nicolas Cage on his 50th, People magazine decided to put together a “Time Machine” highlighting all the looks that Cage has had over the years. As many of you know, Cage is usually a staple in things like internet memes and articles like “The Many Hairstyles of Nicolas Cage.”

Frankly most people are always trying to figure out if that hairdo is real or not. Regardless of the authenticity of the hair it’s safe to say that Cage has nearly tried everything. Although I can’t ever remember a time when he shaved his head. Can you?

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