The Most Tweeted About Topics in 2013

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I will be honest with you. I came at this subject really disheartened. I just naturally assumed all the things that were the most tweeted about in 2013 would have been celebrity related. I thought it would be all One Direction and Pretty Little Liars. I thought it would be all the Beleibers. Truth is, it is none of those things, which renews my faith in humanity. These are actual news stories, some bitter and some sweet, that pretty much affected EVERYONE in 2013. So what were the most tweeted about topics in 2013?

The Presidential Inuaguration

Yes, that makes sense. Also, with Beyonce’ singing and such, it was also the most epic of all the inaugurations, I think.


Remember? The little boy with Leukemia who got to dress like Batman for a day and all of San Francisco came out to play along? Man, that story was amazing. Plus, he’s in remission!

Boston Marathon

Being a half hour from the city when this happened, and calling the Northeast home makes this one hit home even harder for me. One thing that was good about this, all the world got to see how Boston Strong we are. We already knew it. Now the rest of the world does, too.

The Death of Margaret Thatcher

The passing of Britain’s first female Prime Minister was one of the most tweeted about topics in 2013, and with good reason.

The Passing of Nelson Mandela

The most recent entry on the list was big enough to quickly become on of the most tweeted about tragedies that happened all year, even though it just happened.

More of the most tweeted about topics over at USA Today.

So as you see, yes, there is much tragedy being tweeted about, but you can tell by looking at this list that we are a world that really does seem to have our priorities in order.

So what was YOUR most tweeted about topics of 2013?

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