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Some Things You Didn’t Know about Kendall Jenner

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For a moment, we want you to imagine what it would be like to be born into a family who was famous. Do you think it would be a blessing or a curse? Some think blessing, because you would never have to worry about money. Some think curse, because you get instant checks against you because of your famous (and slightly infamous) family. Kendall Jenner has done an amazing job of balancing her own personal life with her growing fame and exposure. Weird to even try to fathom growing up like that, right? Well here are five things you didn’t know about the precocious teenager with the famously infamous last name.

Her Middle Name Is Nicole After Nicole Brown Simpson

A lot of people do not know this, but Kendall Jenner’s Mom was very close friends with Nicole Brown Simpson, who many say was murdered my famous former football player and her former husband, O.J Simpsons. While it seems a nice homage to a loving friend who passed away, there is an air of morbidity to it, as well. Naming your daughter after someone who was brutally murdered by a jealous ex is not a good energy to put out in the universe. Just saying.

Fan of Miley Cyrus’ Style

She told the Huffington Post in a recent interview that she was a fan of the former country singer turned pop tart Miley Cyrus and how she represented herself, fashion wise. Seems a very strange place to find fashion inspiration, seeing how she dresses like a cat and waves giant foam fingers, but you know kids these days. Us old folks just don’t “get it”.

Named After A Ken Doll

Funny fact that doesn’t seem to be public knowledge, Kendall Jenner was named after the Ken Doll from the Barbie series as a sort of running joke about how everyone used to say her father looked kind of like a Ken doll in the seventies. They found a way to feminize the name and still make the joke work, which is pretty remarkable.

She is a Scorpio

For all you homegrown astrologers out there, this says quite a bit about the teen. On the positive side, she is determined, fearless, and poised. Well, we do see how she is always poised and ready for photos, so this one must be true. On the more negative side, Scorpios can also be quite controlling and incredibly jeaous by nature. Maybe that is why Harry Styles kept his distance after a couple dates?

(Photo by Chris Weeks/Getty Images for LACOSTE)

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