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“Thriller” Girl Ola Ray Settles with Michael Jackson Estate for 55K

Ola Ray settled her lawsuit with the estate earlier this year. Now we officially know the amounts. $55,000 to Ola and $20,000 to her lawyer. Ola originally filed the suit against MJ and his production company in May 2009, a month before Jackson passed away, claiming breach of contract. Ola said she was still owed a massive chunk of the “Thriller” profits nearly 30 years after it was released.

The director of the music video John Landis who filed a similar lawsuit against the estate has also settled but he wanted in excess of $2 million. Landis probably received a bit more dough than Ola on this one.

I wonder if any heirs to Vincent Price are seeking money too. Price was that awesome laugh at the end of the video. And what about all the dancers? Something tells me their contracts were horrible. We need a document that shows all ongoing lawsuits against the MJ estate. I’ll bet it’s a mile long.

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