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Today Marks the Anniversary of Beatlemania Making it’s Debut

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So do you know the very definition of Beatlemania? Well, not sure if there is an exact definition, but I know it means when the adoration and love for the Beatles swept the world, and turned a bunch of seemingly normal people into frothing, jumping, screaming animals. It was the mass hysteria that went along with loving The Beatles. Well, February 7th, 1964 is when we all got our very first taste of it. Heck, even years later I think many of us can admit, there are few bands who can touch on what. We went nuts for The Beatles for a reason. They were a one of a kind music experience. Even great modern bands cannot touch what these guys did, decades ago.

As you know, it was this very day that The Beatles touched down on U.S soil for the first time. That is what started the initial phase of Beatlemania. It;s funny, think of it like a zombie virus that just passed from person to person without stopping. That also justifies why all the screaming throngs who had it seemed like zombies at the time, wanting nothing more than to get at The Beatles and, well, who knew WHAT the fans would have done if they ever caught them.

But what we all need to understand is the huge impact left by the Beatles. Yes, we have Beatlemania, but we also have bands like Radiohead and Pink Floyd, who went on to redefine music as well. Safe to say bands like that would have never existed had The Beatles not done it first, and done it best.

So pop on some Abby Road today. Realize, Beatlemania existed for a reason. The Beatles were one in a million.

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