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Tom Brokaw Reveals He Has Cancer: Doctors are Optimistic

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Wow, what a week for bad news, it is only Wednesday. First, we hear Leonard Nimoy has been dealing with Cancer, and then we find out that Tom Brokaw reveals he has Cancer. Like, I know Cancer is a big deal and kills many people every year, but why is all this news coming at once? Why are we finding out about all these pop culture icons getting Cancer? Truth is, if this is what it takes for other people to make changes in their own lives, maybe we can all learn something from this.

Tom Brokaw reveals he has Cancer, but is getting the best treatment money can buy (having a ton of money tends to help with that), and both him and his doctors are optimistic that he may have a fighting chance. One thing Tom Brokaw said that when fellow anchor Peter Jennings died from Cancer, he used that as some major fuel to retire and focus on himself and his family. He says not many people reach the end of the road and wish they spent more time at the office, and that is what he wanted to specifically avoid.

He also remains incredibly hopeful and humble.

“With the exceptional support of my family, medical team and friends, I am very optimistic about the future and look forward to continuing my life, my work and adventures still to come,” he said. “I remain the luckiest guy I know.”

Wishing Tom Brokaw the best in these trying times.

(Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)

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