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Tom Cruise Dances with Queens native Cynthia Jorge on a Dream Date

Cynthia Jorge is reportedly Tom Cruise’s new leading lady after a sizzling date at Manhattan’s Le Baron. Tom Cruise cast a normal Queens gal in a starring role, his leading lady on a wild night on the town.

Less than six months after his divorce from Katie Holmes, the 50-year-old “Jack Reacher” star had a passionate pas-de-deux with Cynthia Jorge, a brunette Fresh Meadows native half his age, including some dirty dancing at the trendy Mulberry St. club, Le Baron, on Dec. 18.

Jorge is some kind of cutie don’t you think? But let’s hope that she doesn’t get all scientologist on us too quickly.  Also, Cynthia, be sure you read over the marriage contract before you sign it.  You just never know what Tom is going to ask for.   Have fun you two!

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