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Tom Selleck Would Love to do Another Three Men and a Baby

It’s been years since Tom Selleck had to change diapers onscreen, but the Blue Bloods actor still has fond memories of the movie that started it all.  Selleck sat down with the ladies of The Talk Thursday, Jan. 3, and revealed that he would be up for a reunion with pals Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg in a sequel to their 1987 hit, Three Men and a Baby.

Apparently Selleck has already spoken to Ted and Steve and mentioned that if they had any ideas he’d be open to them.  Personally I’m a little skeptical because A.  Three Men and a Little Lady sucked.  B.  These guys are all in their 60s so it would have to be “Three Old Dudes and a Teen” and that just seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen and C.  Leonard Nimoy is simply way to old to direct movies anymore.

But hey, I could be wrong.

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