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Tony the Tiger voice actor Lee Marshall dies at 64

Sometimes an icon exists in pop culture and yet we don’t even know who they are. For example, Lee Marshall was the voice of Tony the Tiger for Kelloggs. This is a voice we have heard our whole lives, with a perfect and unforgettable catch phrase to go along with it: THEY’RE GGRRREAT! Sadly, Lee Marshall passed away last month, leaving the iconic mascot voiceless for the time being.

The saddest part is, the man who was known for his gravelly, deep voice died of esophageal cancer. Though Lee was the second player to ever do the voice of Tony the Tiger, he was the one who best well known for his They’re Great catch phrase and bringing it to life. You know, we give props to all the actors and actresses who have affected our lives, but you don’t think about people like this. It is sad because they are just as integral to our lives as TV and movie stars. So the next time you grab yourself a bowl of frosted flakes, take a moment to make a silent nod to the sky for Lee Marshall. We recognize what you did, and the impact it had.

Hopefully, he is pitching cereal in Heaven now. We are not really sure how that works. Regardless, sympathies to any family he left behind. I hope they take comfort in knowing he was a huge part of pop culture and will not soon be forgotten.

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

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