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Tori Spelling Doesn’t Have a Prenup With Husband Dean McDermott

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Celebrity marriages draw a ton of attention because of the high-profile celebs and their money. What gets lost in the sauce is that there is often heartbreak and children involved. In Tori Spelling’s case she has just about every terrible thing possible when it comes to divorce. Spelling has been the focus of media attention because of her husband’s infidelity. With a divorce potentially looming Spelling forget something all celebrities should have: a prenuptial agreement.

According to RadarOnline, Spelling could be worth up to as much as $300 million or as little as $1.5 million. Either way, she declined to sign a prenup before her second marriage to Dean McDermott. According to reports, “Dean offered to sign one, but Tori refused,” a family insider dished. “She truly believed Dean was her soul mate and there was zero need for a prenup.”

What makes thing even more dodgy is that Spelling’s heiress mother is rumored to be worth $600 million dollars. Thus the focus of this pending separation will be solely on the financial aspect of a divorce. The children and Spelling’s heartbreak will get little attention, a common situation in celebrity marriages.

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