Trisha Yearwood Announces New Album

Like husband like wife? In the case of country music superstars Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, the answer is yes. It’s only been a month since Brooks thrilled fans with the announcement that he’s going to come back to country music with a new album, and now his wife is doing the same. Trisha Yearwood announced that she’s got a new album coming out with a new label.

“I’m really nervous. I haven’t been out of the house in a while! There’s so much going on my management team has to text me every 30 minutes to tell me where to be and what I’m doing,” said the country music singer when she announced her comeback. While it’s not entirely true that she’s been cooped up in the house, it is true that she’s been away from music for a while. The singer has been writing cookbooks and starring in her own cooking show for the Food Network, teaching her fans to make some of her famous family recipes and some good, old-fashioned down home country cooking.

Beginning September 4, Yearwood will join her husband as he kicks off his world tour in Chicago. She’ll appear in the show, she’s releasing her third cookbook in the spring, season five of Trisha’s Southern Kitchen debuts on Food Network August 23, and she’s introducing a line of pots and pans on QVC. She’s a little busy and not as homebound as she thinks.

As for a release date for her new album, PrizeFighter, there is none. She hasn’t announced that tidbit of information just yet, but she did say the new track from her new album is about “beating the odds”. “When I got my first record deal at 26 I looked at my career like a pro ballplayer. These guys come have their time, have a few good years but they know when they can’t swing the bat anymore. It’s been 23 years since that first single and I’m just not ready to stop swinging the bat,” she says.

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