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TV Comedy Pioneer Sid Caesar Dies at 91

Karen Kramer And Sid Caesar Attend The Screening Of It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

You know, I often wonder how long I will live. I feel like once you hit the seventies, all joy is gone. I know that sounds odd, but I just can’t imagine being that old as being something enjoyable. Heck, then I think about the eighties and it freaks me out even more. So the simple thought of living until 91 actually scares me. That seems like a long life. I think I would run out of things to say and do. Well, legendary comedian Sid Caeser dies at 91, and I am thinking: not a bad run, dude.

For those who don’t know, Sid Caeser was one of the fore runners when it came to comedy on the early days of live TV. People also don’t realize that all shows used to be live. Do you even realize how hard that must have been? Doing the skit and bits, live, in front of an audience and half the country? Well, Sid Caeser had the gift of making it look easy. Some say if Sid had not done it first, the door would have never opened for modern sketch comedy like SNL and so on. So not only was he great at what he did, but he was a comedy pioneer.

Sid Ceaser dies at age 91, but the world needs to understand just how powerful and important a legacy he has left behind in the medium of comedy. Also, 91 is really a pretty impressive run. Rumor is he had people laughing, right up until his final moments earlier this week.

Our condolences out to his family, friends, and fans.

(Photo by Sebastian Artz/Getty Images)

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