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The Twelve Highest Grossing Celebrities Who Started Out As Extras

We look at the most successful actors now, and it is hard to imagine them starting at the bottom. But when it comes to success in Hollywood, that is often what even the most well-trained actors have to do. They have to climb the ladder, starting at the ground floor. The ground floor for actors is often being extras. Extras are the people who are in the background shots. They usually just fill space, and very rarely are given lines or any credit in the film. In most cases, the pay is pretty awful, too. But you know what they always say, right? You gotta pay your dues, and that is just what these actors did. Here are the twelve highest grossing actors who started out as extras. In other words, these guys are worth millions now, and were worth hundreds back then.

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

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