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Wendy Williams Says Her Son Doesn’t Like Her On Talk Show

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An odd story, to say the least. How would you react if your son turned fourteen and started acting awfully mean to you? Would the rational part of your brain kick in and tell you all fourteen year boys are just a ball of walking hormones and angst, and that those feelings would pass? Or would you take to your public talk show and cry about how your son doesn’t love you anymore? Well, hostess Wendy Williams chose to do the latter. Still not sure what it accomplished other than probably making her son dislike her more.

ABC has the clip, but we can spare you it and tell you what’s going on. Wendy Williams says her son doesn’t like her anymore. She claims that he has grown distant, and mainly just laughs at her for all she does. While this kind of sounds like a typical teenage boy, that is not how Wendy sees it. Listen, as a young man, I need to tell her. Best thing you can do right now is give the kid some distance and let him find himself. Worst thing, literally, the VERY worst thing you could do would be to go on TV and put him on blast while weeping. If she thinks that will somehow help, let me tell you, things are only bound to get more tense as a result of her display.

Teenage kids can be tough. It is a phase. It passes. No matter what Wendy Williams says, she needs to try and understand that.

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