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What’s The Deal With Kim Kardashian’s Alleged Charity Scandal?

You know what, I just don’t get it. I don’t get why people who are rich and well known always seem to (allegedly) need to pull some shady moves. It happens all the time. Look at the Guidice family, for example. Well, now Kim might be on some trouble. You have heard about Kim Kardashian’s alleged charity scandal, right? Let’s just say Kim didn’t quite do what she claimed she would when it came to a certain charity.

The story is this. Kanye West cleaned out Kim’s closet on an episode of her show, and she went on to Tweet that all of the clothes he took were going to end up on Ebay for her to donate the proceeds from to Life Change Community Church (which her Mom helped found and fund) but when all was said and done, it was made clear that Kim had only donated ten percent of what she made from those clothes she sold on Ebay. Listen, you can’t lend people to believe they are buying something for charitable purposes and then you keep the money. That is a big no-no, and that is Kim Kardashian’s alleged charity scandal.

Well, actually, here is the real kicker. The clothes made her almost two hundred thousand dollars, and she ended up donating barely 20 G’s. That is what people took note of and what might actually end up landing her in some hot water. The thing I find most funny is, in a world where she wants to be taken seriously and have people like her, was this a smart move for Kim to do?

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