What Will Kim Kardashian Instagram Be Like in 20 Years?

Kim Kardashian

We can almost credit Kim Karkashian’s Instagram account for making Instagram what it is – an easy, cool way to follow friends and celebs, and be able to see their day to day lives, which seem to include countless selfies, plugs, and photos that scream “look how awesome I am!” Kim K. lives and breathes to show us how beautiful, famous, and fabulous she is. And she is all of those things (or at least definitely the first two, depending on who you ask). She takes self-love to a whole other level and has helped turn Instagram into a place where people post photos that express this.

Instagram is indeed awesome. If you don’t have an account, add one. You will agree in 3.5 seconds. Instagram and the Kardashian’s will be around for the indefinite future. Here’s what Kim K’s account might look like in 20 years.

1. She is without a doubt the Godmother of #Selfies. Everyday there is either a new close up of her puckering her mouth just so or a full body photo (or two side by side) that show off her newest designer outfit and Earth-sized behind. In 20 years, she will invent the first selfie with a designer space suit, or with your flying car helmet on.  I can see the photo now – her face sucked in, showing off Kim Kardashian’s new nose job behind her see-through space ship helmet.  She’ll need a bit extra of her go-to contouring make up though due to her age and the helmet glass.

2. Ms. Kanye West’s Instagram will always be about fashion. In 20 years, we’ll be sure to see all the hottest trends draped on her absurdly curved body. I can’t even begin to imagine what the trends will be like, but I imagine Lady Gaga-ish looks. There’s Kim K., puckering her lips, draped in head-to-toe beef cheek.

3. Kim K. loves a good slow-mo video. Kim Kardashian’s videos on her Instagram are ridiculous. “Look at me cruising around in the back of a boat in St. Tropez.” How many have there been of her flipping her hair? In 20 years, she might not need the slow motion aspect. It will take her half of long to flip her hair back over her head. She may also add in a good “ouch” here and there, or “ugh my back’s been sore all week.” I will give her credit –  her hair has always been pretty. She recently went back to all black which suits her the best. 

4. Speaking of Kim Kardashian’s new hair color – maybe she’ll invite some new color grey that makes looking your age the newest trend. In 20 years, her Instagram will be filled with photos that prove how “grey is the new black.”

5. Once in a while, North West’s mother throws in a photo of just someone other than herself. Her selfies have guest stars next to her but occasionally there is a photo of a young child. Her nephew, Mason, (Kourtney’s son), is there every once in a long while, compared to normal people who splash close children relatives all over their accounts. I could only find one of her own daughter all the way back in January. Because Kim wouldn’t want Mason or North’s cuteness to compete with hers. The newest thing is Kim promoting the family’s new fashion line, Kardashian Kids, so there are photos of cute fashionista toddlers wearing the clothing line. In 20 years, Kim will be promoting the family’s newest line, “Kardashian KGrandmas.” Obviously, the “K” is silent.



Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

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