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WWE Star Mae Young Passed Away at the Age of 90

Did you grow up liking wrestling? If you have liked it in any form in the last fifty years, you need to take a knee and offer a moment of silence right now. WWE Star Mae Young passed away at age 90. Even if you think you do not know who she is. you do.  She had been wrestling since the 1940’s, and was representing woman in that sport far longer than anyone would expect. A true legend, today marks a sad day for wrestling fans.

Fox Sports has a nice piece on Mae, but we skimmed it for you. Basically, Mae Young’s career highlights work to show just how versatile and amazing she was at the sport. First off, she is the ONLY wrestler with an eight decade career. We don’t mean only FEMALE. We mean only wrestler, period. Add to that her induction in the WWE Hall of Fame, and you really do have the makings of a legend, through and through. Think about it, she was doing this in a time when woman were not even initially allowed to vote. When women were looked at a secondary citizens. Mae Young put those ideals in a leg lock and choked them out.

So WWE Star Mae Young may have passed away, but we know all she did was cement her status of a legend in the field, and a legend to many woman, all the world over.

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