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WWE Wrestler Ultimate Warrior Dead at 54

Please, let it be known by all that growing up in the 1980’s, Ultimate Warrior was my favorite. Dude just seemed like he was always ready to just tear his head off and go full on insane. Heck, he got even more Insane post retirement when we would release sound bytes and interview clips that just showed that his insanity in the ring may not have even been an act. But today, me, and many fans of the WWE are crestfallen, as The Ultimate Warrior has passed away.

You know you must remember Ultimate Warrior, right? Had those longs locks of hair, and that splash of bright face paint and neon colors. He looked like something out of a comic book that had come to life and was kicking some (choreographed) butt. The best part was seeing the dude in interviews before and after matches. He would spout passionate nonsense for minutes at a time, while snarling at the camera. Thing is, as insane as it is, it is exactly why we loved wrestling. We liked the passion and zaniness and the intensity, and that is just what Ultimate Warrior brought to the game. Remember wrestling is pretty much the guy version of  a soap opera, and Ultimate Warrior kept that entertaining, constantly.

We really just want to take a moment to offer our sympathies to his family, friends, and millions of fans who grew up on him just like we did. At least look at this way, if Heaven is real, he will not be hard to find in there with all his face paints and neon colors.

(Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

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