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X Games Competitor Caleb Moore has Passed Away after Horrific Crash

A 25-year-old professional snowmobiler has died from injuries he sustained during a horrific crash during the Aspen X Games last week. Caleb Moore passed away this morning in Colorado, a family spokesperson said.

Moore’s family declined to release further details about the death, but stated on Sunday that he had suffered a “brain complication” stemming from the accident … on top of a severe concussion and bleeding of the heart. Moore was competing at the snowmobile freestyle final last Thursday when his 450-pound snowmobile flipped over and landed on top of him.

As amazing as the X games are they are in fact the “Extreme” games and something like this was unfortunately bound to happen.  When I saw guys doing flips with motorcycles I couldn’t believe my eyes.   The fact that they are doing the same things but with snow mobiles is beyond comprehension.

Clearly their talent levels are incredible but safety is something that just can’t be measured in a sport like this.  Our best wishes go out to Caleb’s family and hopefully the X Games can continue safely.

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