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Yes, There’s Going to be a Back to the Future Play

Pop Up Urban Drive In Movie Theater Opens In Miami's Wynwood Neighborhood

We wont lie, this is really cool. There is going to be a Back to the Future play. I know what you are thinking right away: if the original people have nothing to do with it, it will probably be cheesy and fail. Well, reality is, Robert Zemeckis Bob Gale (who wrote the original trilogy) are now writing the book that play will be based on. So not only is it a Back to the Future play, but it is a Back to the Future play written by the same people who wrote the movie. Do you even realize how awesome this could be? It will be a musical, though, so it could stink, but we are trying not to think about that.

The more I think about this the more I get scared, actually. Yes, it is great news that Robert Zemeckis is behind the Back to the Future play, but a musical? I am wondering, will they make original songs, or perhaps use songs from each of the time periods they were in. Think about it, Back to the Future has three time periods. The 80’s, which could use awesome 80’s music. The future (which could play off pop electro music) and the old west, which could be all cool, folky acoustic music. If they did that, I can ensure you the Back to the Future play would do great. Rumor is, it is all original music. That has me scared.

Alas, if it is characters singing about the situations they are, that might be a bit too cheesy to be well accepted. I guess we will just have to wait for 2015 when it premiers in London to be sure.

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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