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You’ll Never Guess Who’s Coming Back to the View on Feb 7th

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You know what nobody has said in the last few years? Man, we sure wish Rosie O’ Donnell was back on The View. No one talked about how they missed her sweet disposition or how they missed her funny quips. No one has longed for her boorish brand of hate fueled humor in a long time.  Well, good news for all those who are fans, Rosie O’ Donnell is coming back to The View.

As the LA Times talks about, Rosie O’ Donnell will be back to The View on February 7th. She will only be coming on as a guest, though. Do you really think they would bring her back after the public falling out she had with other View host, Elizabeth Hasselbeck? Rosie O’ Donnell really got some water boiling before she left, and this visit will be her first appearance with the girls since that rocky period. So what do you all think will happen? Will Rosie go on and be back to her nice side, smiling and making jokes with the girls? Or do you think she is still bitter and will go there ready to hurl insults and venom?

Judging by how she went out, our money is on the second option.

(Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images)

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