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American Hustle and Gravity Lead 2014 Oscar Nominations

86th Academy Awards Nominations Announcement

So we are creeping up on Oscar season, which means it is about time for us discuss who the main nominees were for the Oscars. So before we talk about them, what were your favorite movies this past year? Well, if you are like everyone else, two movies rose up above all the others. Ironically, those two movies got more Oscar nominations than any others. Yup, that’s right. American Hustle and Gravity lead the 2014 Oscar nominations. And deservedly so!

First off. American Hustle snagged ten Oscar nominations. Not too shabby, huh? Next to that we have the space epic, Gravity, which also grabbed ten nominations. Twelve Years A Slave is right behind those two, with nine nominations. I would also like to point out that the brilliant Her is up for best picture, which I secretly hope wins. Wait, I just made it less secret, huh?

Now, of course, we talk about the snubs. Tom Hanks got nothing for Captain Phillips and Saving Mr. Banks, which are two films people seem to adore this year. What is up with that?

So what are your thoughts on the 2014 Oscar Nominations? Take to the comments section and give us your thoughts. The Oscars are set to air March 2nd on ABC.

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