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The Cast of New Fantastic Four is Revealed

29th Santa Barbara International Film Festival -  Virtuosos Award to Daniel Bruhl, Michael B. Jordan, Brie Larson, Jared Leto and June Squibb

I am a huge comic fan and can openly admit, the last two Fantastic Four movies were awful, terrible, and unforgivable. They just didn’t get it and the characters were cast quite terribly. Well, good news as Marvel films knows what they did wrong and they are attempting to reboot the franchise. Yeah, it is weird to reboot a franchise a few years after the old one, but at least they know and are trying to fix it. It’s good news for fans of the comic series. They have officially announced who will play whom in the new Fantastic Four movie, and as of right now, things are sounding pretty fantastic. Sorry. That was too easy to avoid. And a little bit dishonest. Read on to find out why.

Michael B Jordan is set to play Human Torch. Kate Mara is set to play Invisible Woman. Jamie Bell is set to play, of all things, The Thing. This leaves Miles Teller to play Mr. Fantastic. I will admit, this is some strange casting. I think it is AWESOME Human Torch will be played by an African American celebrity, and think that is a great idea. As for Kate Mara, that is also great casting. It is the other two I am worried about. Miles ususally plays a cocky teen who I end up always wanting to punch in the face, and Jamie Bell, while a great actor, is tiny, so that will mean The Thing will be all CG, which may be lame.

Basically, the long and the short in this writer’s honest opinion is that I cannot tell you if this is an improvement over the last Fantastic Four movies. Casting sounds SLIGHTLY better, but not enough for me to be convinced they can save the series. Find out more at E Online.

(Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for SBIFF)

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