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Divergent Wins at the Box Office

We all saw this coming, right? I mean, only a fool would not know that the targeted “young adult” demographic is the biggest demo in the market right now, right? Give the teens a new series to latch on to, and they sink their claws right in. First we had Twilight, then we had Hunger Games, and now we have Divergent. A sort of weird mash up of both. Well, get ready for this movie’s reign, because Divergent slaughtered at the box office this weekend. Come on, no one is surprised, right?

Well, it didn’t slaughter, but it did come in on top. $ 56 million is not a bad first week run, but that doesn’t touch what The Hunger Games made it first weekend. I am thinking it might be a smart time for me to write a  YA novel. It will focus around a girl who has dormant powers and meets a dreamy guy to help wake those up in her. It will all be a veiled allegory for a young girl growing into herself, and how hard that is, but I will disguise that allegory with wicked martial arts and magic sequences. She will also have a talking animal for a sidekick because, well, why not? In two years, some other nerd will be sitting here, typing about my movie, and I will be sitting in my money pool, swimming through gold coins. Genius, I know.

But back to the movie.

The truth is, people are really curious to see how the whole trilogy will fare when held up against some of its money making predecessors. As of right now, Divergent is on the right course.

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

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