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Dwayne Johnson’s Hercules Has Debuted its First Clip

Dwayne Johnson did it right. First he conquered wrestling, then he made the move to the big screen. The thing is, when he moved to the big screen, he made sure a great number of people really liked him first. This made it so when he started making movies, he knew his fan base would see them and do well, further ensuring his success. Well, now he is pretty much in his biggest role in his biggest film yet. Now that the first clip has come out, we can tell you, Dwayne Johnson’s Hercules looks pretty cool.

As many of you have heard, Dwayne Johnson will be playing Hercules in his newest film, aptly called, well, Hercules. Not many were sure how the movie would play out. Would it be campy or will it be serious? With a title like Hercules it can be a fine line. Well, with the trailer for Dwayne Johnson’s Hercules, we can confidently tell you, it looks pretty serious, with Hercules and his band of merry men (pretty sure they are not officially called that) walking directly into a trap.

Check out the clip here at SuperHeroHype, and get hyped up yourself that you are going to get a chance to see The Rock kick some serious butt again. Okay, okay, he’s not The Rock, but nothing says you can’t pretend that while you watch this.

(Photo by Abby Brack/Getty Images)

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