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Emma Stone Will Team Up with Woody Allen for a Second Time

Emma Stone’s star is rising, and with good reason. She is pretty, charming, sweet, and comes across as humble. Seems no matter where you look right now, she is somewhere doing something. From Spiderman 2 to makeup cover girl, you really can’t miss her. But did you know she shot two movies with Woody Allen, both set to come out soon? We bet you didn’t. We all love her, so it is a good thing.

The first movie Emma Stone shot with Woody Allen was a romance called Magic in the Moonlight. It has yet to see light of day, but expect it soon. The second, still untitled project is shrouded in mystery, aside from two facts. Emma Stone and Jaoquin Phoenix are the stars. Outside of that, the rest is unknown. Seems like Stone won over Woody Allen, though. To do two movies with him so close to one another cannot be a bad sign for where this wonderful actress’s career is going.

This makes us happy because Emma Stone is one of those stars it is impossible to dislike, especially when you see her in interviews an such. She has such a strong “girl next door” charm to her, and it just carries over into everything she does. More on Emma Stone and this second mysterious Woody Allen movie as soon as we find anything out.

In the meantime, go check her out in The Amazing Spiderman 2, playing now in theaters.

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Giorgio Armani)

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