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Extra From the Movie Titanic is Suing for a lot of Money

Titanic 3D - World Premiere - Outside Arrivals

Alright, before I say anything about how an extra from the movie Titanic is suing for a lot of money, I need to say, I am not on the guy’s side. I can understand where he is coming from, but he got the chance of a lifetime, and now seems bitter and spiteful about it. I am sorry, getting a head of myself. Basically, a guy who was cast as a non-speaking extra in Titanic was given a line at the last minute. He came to realize this means he is entitled to Screen Actors Guild rights, which also means he is entitled to residuals. Yes, a guy who got one line thinks he now deserves some of Titanic’s millions. How about you just be grateful you got a speaking line in a famous movie? How about your parlay that into more work, rather than punishing the guy who gave you the shot.

But there ARE two sides to this coin.

In the same breath, if that is a move (Titanic director) James Cameron does ten or fifteen times a movie, the dude is kind of being slimy and not going about things the right way. Extras and speaking parts are completely different ball games, and you can’t cut corners to try and save money and not expect that to eventually catch up to you. You can understand James Cameron wanting to save a few bucks, but at what expense and who tows the line? It is a tough case, and hard to figure out who to side with here. In both cases, there is right and wrong involved.

But in the same breath, the guy suing muttered the line:  Yes. Yes Ma’am. If he somehow ends up with millions for that, I have found my new calling. Sorry, I got bills to pay.

(Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

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