Fast and Furious 7 Will Continue Production

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Hollywood is still mourning the untimely death of actor Paul Walker, but as they say “the show must go on”. According to director James Wan, ‘Fast and Furious 7′ will be completed despite the loss of the lead actor. The seventh installment of the movie franchise will be finished, but a timetable has not yet been set for the film.

Last week, Universal Studios officially postponed shooting of the film after the death of lead actor Paul Walker. There was speculation that the entire film would be scrapped, but ultimately the money-making franchise was given the green light despite the massive loss to the cast. The question remains – how will filming continue without Walker? According to reports, editors, writers, and directors will be reviewing the material already shot with Walker and decide how to rewrite the script for the film. Of course, one option is Walker’s character could be killed off or they could scrap his work entirely and recast his role.

Universal will most likely not uphold the release date of Summer’ 14, but by all accounts there will be a ‘Fast and Furious 7′ despite the death of Paul Walker. As of now, reports are there is a “sad and somber tone” around the cast and crew.

Image via Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for Universal Pictures

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