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You Guys Ready For The Sequel To Fight Club?

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Fight Club is, perhaps, one of the most evocative movies ever made that revolves around generation X. It changed the way people looked and changed the way people lived. It also made its author, Chuck Palahniuk, into a super hero among the jaded. He created men characters we could all finally relate to (the most broken of us, anyway) and here we are with the sequel about to drop, and we have to ask, you guys ready for the sequel to Fight Club?

First of all, don’t freak out. It is not going to be in movie form. The Fight Club sequel will actually be a comic book spread across many issues that will be turned into a graphic novel. The author had some strong ideas for a sequel, but didn’t see it working. Then we was approached about it being made into a potential graphic novel and he loved it. He loved the idea of the medium and how much more he could get away with. He loved the idea of telling it in monthly installments. He even hooked up with an artist he greatly admired to ensure that this book would do justice for the millions of fans out there that adore this movie and book.

It will take place years after the movie, with Jack (narrator) settling in with his kid and wife, and realizing he is just as miserable as he was before any of this. That is when his old friend Tyler shows back up to shake things up. Wait, I am not allowed to talk about this. I just broke the first rule.

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